Q: What’s your favorite mask?

A: Asking that is akin to asking which one of my hypothetical children are my favorite. There are so many good masks and it’s really hard to choose a favorite. I did pick some of my favorite masks of 2016 if you want to check that out. I plan on doing a favorite mask of 2017 at the end of the year.

Q: How often do you mask?

A: I mask 5–7 days a week usually in the evenings. The rest of my skincare routine does not change until I finish a product so that’s how I can tell if a mask worked for me or not.

Q: I have acne prone/dry/oily skin. Which mask can you recommend?

A: I don’t have your skin, so I don’t think I can do a good job recommending something for you. I will note in my reviews if a mask is better for one skin type or concern over another.

Q: I live in XYZ, where can I find this product in a store?

A: I live in San Francisco, CA and buy most of my products online. I can’t tell you where you can find something in person. Best bet is to message the brand and ask them instead!

Q: Can you review XYZ mask?

A: Sure, I’m always on the lookout for interesting masks to try. However, keep in mind that as of May 2017, I have over 200 unique masks to use and review!

Q: What is your disclosure policy?

A: I may accept press samples of sheet masks or other beauty products from time to time to review. Receiving a free product does not mean I’ll always give it a favorable review! I will always post my honest opinion and make a note at the end of the post if I received something for free.

Sometimes, a retailer will also offer a discount code. So far, none of the discount codes given to me to share have been affiliate or referral codes meaning I have nothing to gain if you use the code. If at some point I do get an affiliate/referral code, I will let you know.