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My Favorite Sheet Masks: $4 - $6

Continuing my favorite sheet mask overview, the $4-6 price range is generally a good sweet spot for masks in terms of quality (you see more hydrogel and microfiber materials instead of just plain cotton) and effectiveness. I don’t know about your budget, but at this price point, it’s a nice weekend treat rather than for a quick weekday masking session!

A note about pricing ranges, some stores may have it above or below the range I listed it under! I always encourage you to be a savvy shopper and shop around. Some stores may only sell masks in packs rather than individually, but the price per mask should match the price range.

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With the Isntree Ceramide Deep Moisture Cream Mask, I can’t help but love the microfiber material and unscented creamy essence. A solid pick for parched skin, especially for the winter.

Where to buy:
Melody Cosme

I’m clearly a sucker for microfiber so the Knours Sweet Enough Rescue Mask has stuck out in my mind. Very brightening, nourishing and lots of extra essence in the packet to use all over my body!

Where to buy:

It’s easy to like the Manefit Green Tea Pore Care + Moisturizing Mask. It has green tea leaves embedded throughout the mask and left my skin super plump & bouncy.

Where to buy:
Soko Glam - This seems to be a Soko Glam exclusive product, not surprised since the founder Charlotte Cho collaborated with Manefit to create this mask.

Primera Lotus Seed Sheet Mask Hydrating made my skin look temporarily flawless! I was in awe of my smooth, bright & poreless face.

Where to buy:

Saturday Skin Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask has the same silky material as the Rael masks I like so much and left my face super supple and smooth. Plus it comes with some cute stickers!

Where to buy:
Cult Beauty
Saturday Skin

Whal Myung Skin Elixir Mask is the sheet mask version of their Skin Elixir and left my skin GLOWING. The material is a lot like the Saturday Skin & Rael masks mentioned above.

Where to buy:

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